My Top 5 Dog Toys For 2021

If your dog is anything like mine, they are always up for a game of tug-of-war and fetch.

Playing with your dog exponentially increases the bond between the two of you, as well as improving their (and your) physical and mental health. Not only that, but when harnessed correctly can be a valuable tool to reinforce wanted behaviours in training.

A tired dog is an obedient dog. Stimulating them both mentally and physically can help curb destructive behaviours. Below I’ve listed my top 5 dog toys that I’ve tried and tested over the years.

StarMark Fantastic Foam Ball On A Rope

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The foam ball is manufactured from a patented soft, yet strong foam. With no fluffy cover to chew and choke on, it’s safer than a tennis ball. It should last 10 times as long, too.

As it’s made of foam, it’s great for a game of fetch at your local dog beach due to its ability to float. Comes with a rope to help throw further and is free of latex, vinyl, and phthalates.

Price: $24.11

Kong SafeStix

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This questionable looking dog toy is one of the only toys I still have from when my own dog Zyla was a puppy. She’s two and a half now and powers through most other chew toys in five minutes.

Strangely enough, this is Zyla’s version of her bedtime blanket. She won’t go to sleep without it under her paw. Extremely durable. Bounces, flexes, light enough to throw… Is a thousand times better for your dog’s mouth than a branch or stick.

It’s available in small, medium and large. The large is too long. Stick (ha!) with the small or medium.

Price: $20.99

French Linen Dog Tug

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Hand made from the same high quality material used to make bite suits – you know this tug toy will last. Lightweight, super durable, tear resistant and easy to clean!

Fits nicely in your pocket or under your arm pit if conducting some dog training.

Do note, that this is a tug toy and not a chew toy. When finished playing with your dog, place it away for safe keeping or have it destroyed.

Price: $56.88(two pack)

Rubber Dog Ball With Rope

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This brightly coloured ball is a bit hard to find in taller grass, surprisingly. The rope fits snug through the ball, making for a great game of tug.

As this is heavier than the StarMark Foam Ball it can be thrown waaaay further for the more energetic dogs. If you have a problem with your dog dropping the ball when he returns, buy two.

One for them to fetch, and one for you to trade for the one they just retrieved.

Price: $26.78

SodaPup Dog Chew Toy And Dispenser

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Made of a specialised natural rubber, it has openings on each end for inserting treats.

Fill it with some smelly food, topped with peanut butter and freeze. Next time you head out and leave your dog alone at home, bust this out to help curb destructive behaviours.

Comes in various harnesses. The magnum version is for the power chewers.

Great for crate training and long car trips, helping to stimulate the dog’s mind on the long journey!

Price: $22.69

Final Thoughts

While your dog would likely choose anything to play with given the okay, it’s important that you only allow safe options. When it comes to dog toys, I find there’s very few quality ones out there that last more than a week. Hopefully this small list can help.

What are your dog’s favourite toys?

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